Thursday, April 2, 2009


Trying out a slightly different art style, as you can see. Line quality is still a little rough, will have to figure that out. Oh, I just realized it may look as if she's kicking him in panel two. She is not.

Guest Artist Chelsea has sprained her wrist. I do not think she will be drawing a comic this week. She however remains optimistic.

I've added a poll, please vote on which villain is better/cooler/your favorite of the two. How'd I choose those two? I was watching a top 25 villains countdown, and Magneto was ahead of Dracula, and I got into an argument with a friend about it. So I want to see what my four to eight viewers think.


  1. Hard to say which is "cooler" between the two. Dracula obviously has lots of years on Magneto and gets to live forever and stuff, but the fact that he's a comic book super villain does add to his coolness.

    So... Sorry dude.

  2. Well, as you know I have fallen into the Twilight craze and based on that vampires are suddenly way cooler than I ever thought before. If not for that I probably would have said Magneto.