Saturday, April 4, 2009

great undead

Brian's fan art made me nostalgic so I made this. don't know if I'll like do both "strips" for a while or suddenly drop Ringo and his friends or perhaps somehow merge the two. I am not a planful man.
As you can see, they look alot different. I stopped using them when I achieved the style I'd been going for all along because I had trouble imagining a comic strip with such absurd illustrations,, so I started over. now the other guys are starting to look kind of messed up, too, so I may un-start over.
Obviously, this webcomic is still in the very early stages of development, and so thanks everyone for reading anyways and abstaining from outright derision.

Deathnote is an anime. the deathnote is like a notebook you write people's names in and then they die. I doubt y'all watch anime since I almost never watch it myself. was just more interested in the artwork today than saying anything that someone would find funny. sorry 'bout that

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