Monday, June 8, 2009

Gus' Fanart

This is fanart from the anonymous Gus, who also draws webcomics but does not put them on the web. I hope you enjoyed this strip as much as I did! He also included a recipe:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes
make pancakes per usual
apply peanut butter to one
and jelly to the other
make a pancake sandwich

I'm pretty sure the "yay" is something you say over it before eating it. seems important.
look for more webcomics from Gus in an alternate reality where we or someone we know makes the effort to design a website


  1. HAHA! Awesome you guys. Like the art. My favorite part is where they regret eating the cacti. haha!

  2. Anything new happening? Are you alive?

  3. just been spending very little time on the internet. so much other stuff to do. (and no wtf!)
    will probably do something different yet again when I do start making comics again. hopefully something even more half-assed, absurd and nonsensical!
    I'm still reading your strip, btw, so keep it up

  4. damn, damn, damn. it seems that everyone cool is quitting or slowing down or doing something else more important than the internet.

  5. it turns out the internet was just some fad that everyone is so over now